Search Engine Traffic is the traffic that a website receives from search engines as a result of its WebPages ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. The most interesting part about Search Engine traffic is that it’s flows naturally from search engines.

Most webmasters focus on optimizing their website from an SEO point of view to receive search engine traffic as this kind of traffic is free and targeted. It’s targeted because visitors coming from search engines are searching for a specific keyword which was found on your webpage which probably ranking well in Search Engine Result Pages.

How to Get Search Engine Traffic?

There are two main factors that come into play for a website to receive search engine traffic

  • Quality Content
  • Backlinks & On Page SEO Factors

1. Quality content is something that you need to keep adding continuously on your blog, because content is like food for search engines. And haven’t you heard that Content is King? You need to do proper keyword research to ensure that you target the right keywords which have a fairly good no. of searches against the competition which would of course differ based on the niche you are in

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2. Backlinks are one way links that point to your site. These links are like a vote to your site and they help your quality content get ranked well in Search Engine Result Pages. And yes, not to forget the use of Anchor Text as your targeted keywords.

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Now considering the above factors, the ideal scenario which every webmaster would desire is to write-up quality and authoritative content that gets naturally linked to – which is not the case most of the times.

And hence comes promotion of your own posts after they’re published which can be done by Blog commenting on commentluv blogs, promotion on social networks like twitter, facebook, Digg & Stumble Upon.

Content is King and SEO is the queen. You need both in combination for success – in the beginning you should start seeing traffic trickling down through Search Engines which will be an indicator of you moving in the right direction. It takes consistent effort, patience & time to see results that you want to.. but it does come.