In our earlier post, we discussed on using Google Search Operators to find CommentLuv, KeywordLuv & DoFollow Blogs. However, there will be many of us out there who think that it would be a very tedious task using these operators as there is a learning curve involved with it.

This is for all those who are not comfortable using Google Search Operators – but would like to find CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, DoFollow blogs & Top Commenter blogs in their niche for commenting.

We’ve come across a great piece of software called The Free Blog Commenter will help you find Blogs that have the following platforms available.

  • CommentLuv
  • KeywordLuv
  • Top Commenter
  • Do Follow Attribute

The best part about using The Free Blog Commenter is that you can search for blogs with any of the platforms at one go! It also helps you check the PageRank for pages that are shown in the results.

Free Blog Commenter 1024x693

Features of The Free Blog Commenter

  • Set up Different Commenting Profiles (Names, Emails, URLs) using star “*”
  • Search for up to 10 Keywords in your niche at one go!
  • Ability to open pages in your own browser as well as in the application, whichever you choose
  • Set the no. of Results per keyword option
  • Scan for PageRank of the results
  • Save your Profile & Results for future commenting
  • Enter profile in comment form automatically
  • Export results to .txt file

To download this tool, you need to sign up at their website The Free Blog Commenter

The Free Blog Commenter is a free tool that takes advantage of the functionality of the .NET framework version 3.5. You will need the latest .NET framework to use the tool. They have an in-depth guide that shows you how to use the free blog commenter to find and comment on relevant blogs.

Since this is a very powerful tool that can make you go viral with your blog commenting, please use this tool wisely. Do not SPAM blogs by using the same comments everywhere as you’re comments would be rejected & moved to SPAM anyways. Remember that we’re part of a community! Respect that fact.