Google Advanced search operators are search codes that are input in Google Search engine to help you find the degree of effort required to make your SEO efforts successful. Since SEO techniques are common across the web, you can use their footprints to identify them.

A footprint is anything that certain websites share in common that allows you to easily identify them. These search operators help you identify these footprints and give you exacts results for the information you’re seeking which might be on the amount of competition for a particular keyword, the no. of backlinks to a page etc.

You need to remember that this is not a black hat method, rather a very effective & smart method to use Google Search Engine search operators for advanced results. You can also read up the official article from Google on Advanced Search Operators.

It might look a little complicated in the beginning, but once you get a hang of this method and start using it to do a competition analysis for your keywords you will not be able to live without it!

Here are a few basic Google search operators:

Site: “” – This result will show you the no. of pages indexed for this website in Google.

Allinurl: “” – This result will show you if a specific page has been indexed by Google.

link: “” – This result will show you how many sites are linking to the webpage. Helps in determining the no. of backlinks to a webpage

allintitle: “Allintitle:keyword” – This results will show you the no. of websites that contain the keyword in Title Tag

allintext: “Allintext:keyword” – This result will show you the no. of webpages that contain the keyword in body of webpage.

Now, coming to the more advanced and interesting ones. Blog commenting is a great method to improve your traffic and popularity. You can also use blog commenting as a backlinking strategy if you comment on blogs which use KeywordLuv, CommentLuv & are DoFollow.

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Using Advanced Google Search Operators, you can find blogs that are DoFollow (Pass Link Juice) and have plugins like KeywordLuv & CommentLuv enabled.

Using the following Google Search Operators:

Find Commentluv enabled blogs in your niche ->

YourKeyword & “title=”CommentLuv Enabled””
keyword +”Commentluv Enabled”
keyword +”Enable Commentluv”

Find KeywordLuv enabled blogs in your niche ->

YourKeyword & “Enter YourName@”
Yourkeyword +”KeywordLuv”

Find DoFollow attribute blogs in your niche ->

Keyword inurl:ifollow*.gif
Keyword ifollow*.gif

Using this operator in Google Image Search will reveal all the relevant blogs using the “U Comment – I Follow” badge.

These are just few of the many Google Search Operators that we’re aware of. They are very helpful and will help you in your backlinking efforts. If you use different Google Search operators for your competition research or any other activity feel free to shout out to us using the comment form below