In todays fast paced connected world, knowledge is power. More and more users are opting to access the internet through their mobile phones. As a webmaster its important that you cater to these users by enabling your blog for mobiles.

You can mobile enable your wordpress blog easily with the help of the MobilePress plugin.

Advantages of the MobilePress Plugin

  • According to the authors of this plugin, MobilePress is SEO enabled and detects Google, Yahoo and MSN mobile search bots. These mobile search engine bots will see the mobile version of your blog and get your mobile site indexed in the mobile search results
  • The plugin allows WordPress theme developers to create custom mobile themes for MobilePress enabled blogs. Theme designers can create specific iPhone themes or generic mobile themes for other mobile devices
  • This plugin comes completely free of ads, and there are no backlinks to worry about


Disadvantages of the MobilePress Plugin

  • If you use Google Adsense in your blog posts, it will look quite odd in the mobile browser


Installation Steps

  • Upload the MobilePress directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • If you plan on using custom themes, or wish to specify a custom title/description for your mobile blog, you can set these in the MobilePress admin panel


To test the plugin, I viewed my mobile theme in a web browser by visiting or for the iphone theme.

To view my normal blog theme again, simply visit

So, go ahead and reach out!

Click here to download the plugin