In my earlier posts we talked about SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin which helps you Interlink your sub pages within your blog to improve your rankings and helps in providing you with long-term SEO benefits.

I recently explored the plugin options and got it to function. Below is a small guide on how to configure the SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin:

SEO Smart Links1

This is the first section of the plugin wherein you can configure which part of your blog will be automatically linked. To reduce database load you can choose to have links work only on single posts.


In this section, the targets SEO Smart links should consider. The match will be based on post/page title or category/tag name, case-insensitive. I recommend you select only posts and avoid pages since you would not want to rank for pages like sitemap, about me etc

Custom Keywords

SEO smart links configurationThis option is the most important part. Here you need to enter keywords you want to automatically link. Use comma to separate keywords and add target url at the end.

Limits & External Links

SEO smart links settings

Here you can set the following options

  • You can limit the maximum number of different links SEO Smart Links will generate per post
  • You can also limit maximum number of links created with the same keyword
  • Limit number of same URLs the plugin will link to

SEO Smart links can open external links in new window and add nofollow attribute. This is based on your personal choice

I hope this post will help you configure the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin effectively. Do let us know in case of any questions