Videos are a great way to add value to your blog posts. It helps readers get more information on the subject you’re discussing and ends up making the post all the more interactive, which is really what blogging is all about – Adding Value!

Adding & Embedding a video into your post is a great way to communicate what you would like to – as it does not use your server space and your visitors have the opportunity to view the video right there, on your blog post.

In one of my earlier posts, we were looking to add a video & ended up discovering that although the process of adding a video was simple, we really did not know how to go about it!

Here’s How you can Add & Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress Blog Post

Step 1 -> In your Add New Post area, look for the icon that has the film strip. Film Strip Icon

Step 2 -> As you click on the Film Strip Icon, you will see the following screen popping up:

Embed Video

Step 3 -> Get the YouTube URL which should look like the following:

Note – There is an embed code as well which is available on YouTube. Do not use that

Step 4 -> Paste the URL in the File / URL area. Leave the type of Video as Flash and you can set the dimensions of your choice.

Embed Video in WordPress

Step 5 -> Click Insert and You’re done.

Step 6 -> You should be able to see a yellow box as shown below in Add New Post area which represents the placement of your video. You can resize and drag it like you would do for any image in a post

Video Embed Holder

Hopefully you found this tutorial useful and will help you add & embed YouTube video in WordPress blog post