A Heat mapis a graphical representation of data that displays areas of a Web page most frequently clicked by visitors. The map displays regions colored yellow, orange and red – the darker the color, the more “clicked” the spot is

The importance of a heat map comes to light as you can discover the areas of your web pages that are most important to your visitors and work on improving them. You will know exactly how visitors are using your website & then optimize it to exploit your website’s maximum potential.

Advantages of a Heat Map

Google Heat Map

  • Get immediate insight into your visitor’s behavior and understand long-term trends & patterns
  • Using heat maps, you’ll be able to rapidly improve your website’s layout as you will know which areas are being overlooked and make changes accordingly
  • Increase conversion rate of your website & get the best from your advertisements as you are aware of “highly clicked” areas on your website. As different websites and even niches have different results you will know if image ads work better than text ads & vice versa.
  • See exactly where your users are clicking. This just might show you that only 50% of the clicks are in the bottom-right corner of an image and moving the ‘click here’ text to a different location just might help increase the clicks.

How to get Heat Map tracking for your website


The free (but very basic) solution to getting a fully functional heat map up on your site. You can visit ClickHeat here

Crazy Egg

This full Analytics package includes a heat map feature. The pricing is slightly steep starting with $9 / month which may not be for everyone. You can visit Crazy Egg here

Click Density

Another web analytics package offering heat map technology to show where your visitors are looking and clicking to. Its pricing plans start at $5/month. You can visit Click Density here

Heatmap WordPress Plugin

This plugin will help you to analyze where people click on your site. As the result you will discover where better to place banners, how to organize navigation, where to put advertisements like AdSense and more. The heat map of clicks can show you what works – which links people did find and click on. You can get Heat Map WordPress Plugin here.

Do let us know if you’ve ever got a Heat Map done on your website? Do you think this kind of report will have you maximize your website to its highest potential