Recently we discussed about the Kind of Comment Spam on WordPress. Most of the comment SPAM are generated by automated SPAM bots.

GrowMap Anti-Spambot plugin (GASP) is a generated checkbox that is added to your comment form. The checkbox asks users to confirm that they are not spammers. Below is a screenshot from our comment form


If you do not check this box, a pop-up warning message comes up asking you to check the box if you’re not a spammer. If its bot, it won’t see the box and it can not post a comment.


Why Use the GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin?

  1. No false positives – your favorite commentators and new readers WILL be able to easily comment in your blog.
  2. Blocks spam that Akismet was letting through. We are getting ZERO bot spam. Only those commenting manually who check the “I am not a spammer box” can leave comments.
  3. Easier for commentators than using a Captcha or math plugin – never a “wrong” answer that isn’t wrong or a problem with cookies!
  4. According to the plugin, it stops 99% of all automated spam bots

The plugin looks good and so far we have not seen any automated SPAM since installing 3 days ago. The only downside to this plugin is that Spammers will definitely catch up with this plugin over time and come up with something where they’d just check for the unique text on the page “confirm you are not a spammer”, with the help of a simple script. Hopefully the authors of the plugin will come up with something to counter that as well..

Download GASP from WordPress Plugin Directory