A buyer keyword is a keyword that the casual Internet surfer is using to search for a particular product or service with the intention of purchasing it. While performing your keyword research, it’s important that you focus on buyer keywords along with Long Tail Keywords as they are the ones that will probably get you the sale you’re looking at. We use the word “probably” as these keywords do not guarantee a sale, but only increase your chances for a sale.

These are the prefix or suffix words that a regular or casual Internet surfer typically uses when doing research on the Internet for a product or service that they intend to purchase.

List of Buyer Keywords Used by a Casual Internet Surfer

Product Type Buying Prefix Need it Bad
Demographics Actions Retail Triggers
Program Simple How To For Men To Cure Review
System Fast How Can I For a Man To Fix Comparison
BluePrint Effective How Can You For Women To Reduce Sale
Method Quick How Do  I For a Woman To Lose Coupon
Solution Proven How Do You For Children To Eliminate Code
Course Popular Help Me For a Child To Learn Scam
Guide Incredible Help For Beginners To Get vs
Handbook Final Help For For a Beginner To Solve Versus
Secret Easy To Finish Buy
Cure Amazing To Find Order
For Idiots Recommended Online
For Dummies Bonus

You can use this chart for your reference while performing your keyword research and deciding to target your keywords.

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