The CTR theme is a premium adsense theme that makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome click-through rates (CTR) which will help increase your revenue through Google Adsense.

Advantages of CTR Theme

  • Google Recommended Ad Placements – CTR Theme implements the Google-recommended placements that have helped niche sites earn
  • Fully Featured Admin Panel – The Admin Panel is really very easy to use. Just beneath the theme options, there are four blank boxes where all you need to do is paste the code provided by Google. You have the option to activate or turn off your ads from that panel

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  • Ad Randomization to Combat Ad Blindness – This is one of the best features of the theme. With a single click of the button, you can choose to randomize ad placements between the Google-recommended positions. That means every time a visitor comes to the site, the ad layout could be different. This minimizes “ad blindness” and results in improved click-through rates which leads to a drastic increase in revenue
  • Multiple Sub Themes – CTR Theme includes 3 proven, effective designs that highlight your ad placements for maximum click-through rates
  • Loading Time – CTR Theme is optimized to help load your blog super fast, helping to reduce visitor bounce rates





Drawbacks of the CTR Theme




  • The only drawback of the CTR theme is that it can be used only to monetize your blog through Google Adsense and no other method

Although, you must remember that this  CTR theme provides no magic solution as you will still need to work to write content, promote your sites and build backlinks to increase traffic to your site. This theme will help you increase your click through rate for your google adsense ads, thereby increasing your revenue.

They have a 60 money back guarantee as well, hence there is not much to lose.. give it a shot

Download CTR Theme 1.3.6