Off late I’ve been dwelling a lot into keyword research and trying to dig down deeper into what actually works. In one of my earlier posts on this blog also provides details on How to do Keyword Research.

Today, as part of my in depth research I decided to take one of most popular posts How to find CommentLuv, KeywordLuv & DoFollow Blogs using The Free Blog Commenter and go to Google Analytics to find out what were the keywords through which search engine visitors where reaching the post, as google analytics states – Entrance Keywords

When this post was written, the target keyword was The Free Blog Commenter, How to Find CommentLuv Blogs & How to Find Keyword Blogs

Results – The page was viewed 343 times via 150 keywords. That’s a whooping 150 unique keywords used to enter that link through Google SERP’s.

Here is a snapshot of the 10 Entrance Keywords

Keywords PageViews
keywordluv 14
keywordluv blog list 11
websites with commentluv 10
commentluv 9
find blogs using commentluv 9
i have over 16000 comments on my blog 8
dofollow commentluv keywordluv 7
free blog commenter 7
take advantage of keywordluv sites 7
commentluv do follow blogs 6

The Point: This goes to show that up to 70% of all searches online are unique – one time searches. This means that we only have 30% or so of the listed searches, no matter what keyword tool we use.

So by selecting keywords for article topics that makes sense for human readers, and mixing that article with a lot of two and three word theme words & phrases, you are planting many more seeds for your website than you can imagine.  If you want to understand more about two and three theme words and phrases you can refer latent semantic indexing. This will ensure that your articles get the maximum exposure that they deserve.

We would love to hear your thoughts on using theme words & LSI as part of your articles.