A routine is defined as regular task, chore or duty that must be preformed regular or a specified interval of time.

From a perspective of Blogging, do you think it’s important to have a routine?

Yes, of course it is. A routine helps bring power to your work as it helps organize your thoughts, as you go on doing the same thing over and over again – which only makes it better over time as you keep finding smarter ways to do your routine tasks easily.

Below is routine which I would like to work towards:

  • Monday / Wednesday / Friday – Publish Article, manage basic tasks, reply to comments  & comment on 5-10 relevant blogs
  • Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday – Publish Article, manage basic tasks, reply to comments & build backlinks on blogs / posts

Although not mentioned in the above routine socially bookmarking your posts & building relationships with co bloggers in your niche – would help you achieve success as well. You can go a step further by deciding different kinds of post (wordpress plugins, seo, webhosting, blogging tips, social media) to publish on different days of the week.

The plugin WordPress Editorial Calendar is very useful for scheduling tasks & posts ahead of time. This plugin will help you arrange topics and schedule post times with a few simple clicks.

Now, we would like to hear if you follow a blogging routine and how it helps you