Javascript makes it possible to change background color of a document dynamically. This means that you can have terrible visual effects like the one you just saw. Actually, I had planned to make a smooth shade out sort of thing but somehow, it got like this.

Your turn now. Select your favorite color from here :

The command for changing the background color is
document.bgColor = "rrggbb"
where “rrggbb” is a string specifying the red, green and blue components of the color in hexadecimal. The code for the above example is given below.

    <SELECT onChange=
        <OPTION VALUE="40E0D0"> Torquoise
        <OPTION VALUE="2E8B57"> Sea Green
        <OPTION VALUE="87CEEB"> Sky Blue
        <OPTION VALUE="F4A460"> Sandy Brown
        <OPTION VALUE="FFF0F5"> Lavender Blush
        <OPTION VALUE="FF1493"> Deep Pink

If you specify a background image, then background color will have no effect. So on pages like these, it’s better not to specify a background image.