Community members frustrated by Need For Speed: Rivals’ 30FPS frame rate lock have discovered a method to force the PC version into running at 60FPS. According to a video posted by Pixel Enemy, the fix seems incredibly simple. All players need to do is right click the shortcut to the Need For Speed Rivals executable, […]


  Microsoft’s Xbox One launch has seen some bumps in the road but the company has announced it’s already sold more than a million consoles worldwide. Last week, Sony announced the PS4 sold more than one million units in the US and Canada in less than a day, but at this point, Microsoft has not […]


We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Battlefield 4 launch; whenever a new game launches that really pushes the hardware and raises the bar, it makes sense for us to be psyched since we are, after all, in the hardware business. The Call of Duty: Ghosts launch has been somewhat troubled, but both […]


AMD’s range-topping Radeon R9 290X has been (officially) shrouded in mystery since its unveiling last month, but the company is at last revealing full details and releasing the graphics card to stores. As you’d expect given its $549 price, the flagship is a big leap in performance over the $299 R9 280X: it carries 2,816 […]



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