In my earlier post on blog post checklist, we spoke about how broken links can effect your blog negatively in terms of visitor frustration. Google also states in their webmaster guidelines that webmasters should make sure to check for broken links. It is therefore essential for webmasters to regularly check their links to make sure that they are still pointing to the initial resource and do not return a 404 page instead. It is impossible to check all the links manually if you have a lot of content on your blog.

broken link checker previewBroken Link Checker WordPress Plugin makes this task easy for you by automatically searching your blog and looks for links to incorrect URL’s, missing images and redirects. Broken Link Checker which will automatically check all posted links in posts, pages, comments, custom fields and your blogroll to ensure that the links are valid.

Features of this plugin

  • Can customize how often all links are checked – default is 72 hours
  • Option to email yourself with details of any new broken links that appear on your site
  • Exclude links from future checks (good for false positives)
  • Specify where the plugin looks for broken links
  • Stop search engines from following broken links
  • Links can be edited directly from the plugin’s page, without manually updating each post

broken links checker settings

It’s impossible to avoid having broken links on your blog. Even though you are careful while linking out to websites, blogs, you cannot control other websites from moving pages around and changing URL structures.

The Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin is an excellent way of finding and removing broken links from a WordPress blog which would provide overall long-term benefits.

Download Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Do let us know how you fix broken links in your blog?