If you’re having trouble coming up with ways to build your blog into a successful enterprise, then you should consider thinking of your blog as an architectural structure: literally, a building. I’ve found that when I feel stuck with how I blog, it helps me to rethink how I approach blogging. So here I’d like to offer a description of creating a blog as though you were constructing a building. Hopefully, this metaphor can be inspiring to you to really make the strongest blog possible.

Pour Your Foundation

The first thing you need when you construct a building is a strong foundation. For bloggers, this means that you need a great niche and blogging mission. Essentially, you should find a niche that you can join, preferably one that allows you to write about a subject that you are both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about. If you find a strong niche, then your blog will be well-constructed from the ground up.

Raise the Structure

Next, you need to create a solid structure around which the rest of your blog can take shape. In building a skyscraper, this means the contractors need to build a structurally sound support system: strong cores and floors and columns. What are some features you can have on your blog that support your own blogging? Consider writing pillar articles on your blog. These are articles that will stay around for many years, drawing new readers to your blog because they are timely and well-written and informative.

Finalize the Details

Thirdly, you need to build the interior of your blog. In a building, this means good interior design. Attractive fixtures, paint, and other design elements will attract all sorts of people to visit the new building. Likewise, you’ll want to implement great design feature son your own blog to attract readers. Write in a unique and interesting style. Select a customized blog layout and design theme. Make sure you post great content, images, and videos that make your blog an attractive place to visit.

Manage Your Property

Finally, the most important part of constructing a worthwhile building is to manage it well. All buildings have some sort of management program, whether it’s a homeowner or a leasing company, these building managers keep everything in tip-top shape. At your blog, you are the supervisor, the landlord, the homeowner, and you’re responsible for everything that happens on your property.