If you’re using Google Adsense on your blog, you will definitely be interested in placing your adsense units on your blog which will help you achieve the highest click through rate. According to my limited experience, placing adsense units on your blog is not enough to help you generate a decent revenue through your blog.

As a publisher, you would have to test, experiment and figure out what best works for your blog. It’s common sense that you will want to blend your ads visually to your site so that it ends up looking more like part of your content.

There are different adsense ad formats that you can use as a publisher.

Below are the kinds of ads formats that Google Adsense offers:

  • Leaderboards
  • Squares and rectangles
  • Vertical ads and buttons
  • Vertical link units
  • Horizontal link units
  • Image ads
  • Themed ads
  • Video ads

One of the general rules of placing an ad is that it should be used above the fold. “Above the fold” is a graphic design concept that refers to the location of an important news story or a visually appealing photograph on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper. Most papers are delivered and displayed to customers folded up, meaning that only the top half of the front page is visible. Thus, an item that is “above the fold” may be one that the editors feel will entice people to buy the paper

best adsense placement

Blogs work in a similar fashion. A browser window tends only to show a small amount of the content on a page. Users need to scroll to see the rest of the page.

The first thing people do when they reach a website then is to absorb as much information as possible before they start scrolling.  All of your users will see the content above the fold. Not all of them will see the content below the fold.

So you certainly want ads at the top of the page. But don’t go overboard and place all your ads at the top of the page, you will annoy your visitors.

This placement will help increase your Click Through Rate, leading to additional revenue from your adsense ads.

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Do let us know your views on placement of Google Adsense ads or other ads in General?