Recently we discussed on Google Sandbox. The result of a sandbox effect is that a new website does not receive good Google search engine rankings for its targeted keywords or phrases for the first few months, hence reducing traffic. This happens in-spite of good content and inbound links. Google places new sites in sandbox for the sole reason of preventing spammers to take advantage of Google’s algorithm thereby promoting websites who are serious about their future and contribution to the web.

One of the great ways to avoid the google sandbox effect is by purchasing an expired or to be expired domain name. An expired domain name is one which was in use for a while and was not renewed by the owner at the end of the renewal period. Generally webmasters do not renew their domain names because of the fact that they lose interest in the idea that was originally planned.

Advantages of purchasing an expired domain name:

1) Firstly, you can avoid the Google Sandbox effect – Since the domain name has been in existence for while, you can easily avoid the google sandbox effect

2) Backlinks – Ideally, every webmaster who purchases a domain name has a reason to purchase one and does end up doing a little bit of promotion before they realize that it’s not as easy as it looks like and then give up. Therefore, during the promotion activity a few backlinks would have been built up and taken advantage of.

3) Page Rank – If you’re lucky enough, you could find a domain name with PageRank. You will need to do a little bit of searching, but you can find one if you really put in the effort. If the webmaster had promoted the website well, it might have attained a page rank which of course you can take advantage of instantly.

How to Find Expired Domain Names

Now, I presume since you know the advantages of Expired domain names, you would like to know how you can locate them and purchase them as well, right? The following websites will help you:

Using the above 3 websites, you can enter your choice of keyword and search for all Top Level Domain names (TLD’s) of your choice. Check them out! – They actually send you a list of 25 expiring domains for you choice of keyword that could help you make a profitable website.

Check Page Rank

Let’s say that you’ve found a list of expiring domain names that you would like to purchase, a good idea would be to check they’re page rank to help us decide. You could use  the website to help you check the page rank of all your preferred domains at once.

Purchase Expired Domain Names

That’s it from my end. If you have the right mind set and time on your hand , you could definitely take advantage of expired domains by finding a keyword rich domain name and avoid lot of start up and initial issues.