Further to my earlier post Easy Comment: Firefox Plugin for Blogs Commenting  is actually outdated and not compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Continuing my search and with help of commentators at my blog, I did my research and came across another Firefox addon: Autofill Forms

There’s no doubt that leaving comments on relevant blogs in your niche enabled with commentluv or keywordluv can promote your blog which can help you attain traffic, exposure and long-term SEO benefits.

The problem arises when you find a blog to comment on, you need to manually enter your details like your name, email address and website URL every single time which leads to wasting a lot of time which ultimately reduces your efficiency while commenting.


To workaround this, Firefox has an addon called AutoFill Forms which automatically fills the comment form for you. You need to set it up once with different profiles of your choice and you’re good to fire up comments on multiple blogs at the click of a button. You have the ability to create multiple profiles which helps you comment on blogs with different commenting platforms & assign different profiles for specific website.

Here are few from the many features of the plugin:

  • Easy configuration with a simple interface.
  • Fills out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut.
  • Input fields not automatically matched can be filled out via the context menu.
  • Features a completely customizable ruleset to determine the input for each form element.
  • Provides a simple rule editor to define custom rules.

Firefox Autofill

If used in right manner, AutoFill Forms: Firefox Addon can help increase your comments on relevant blogs over a period of time when compared to be done manually.

You can get AutoFill Forms: Firefox Addon from here

Do let us know if you’ve come across some other plugin / add-on that helps increase your efficiency and saves you time. You could use this plugin right now and fire up your comments!