The most important and difficult part of SEO  is building backlinks. Everyone always asks how to get links to their site that will get them ranked higher and drive more traffic to their site. There is no secret formula to getting backlinks or one way link to your site, the only thing is that it is a lot work.

Article marketing is an effective way to build one-way back links to your sites. It is a great way to build anchored links to your site and strengthen authority for long tail keywords and niche sites.

Article Link Quality

After the recent google panda update which slapped a lot of article marketing sites, the first question that comes to your mind is – “but aren’t article links low quality links?” and “what is the point of getting low quality links?”

3 Reasons to Use Article Marking for Links

Article MarketingVolume – Article marketing is about link volume.  Link building is about diversity. You need solid high PR links, but you also need a wide base of diverse links. Article marketing is a way to quickly build hundreds of one way back links.

One-way links – These links are one-way links. Getting these require no back link from you to them.

Anchored links – Article marketing gives you full control over your link’s anchor text. This is invaluable when getting links. You can vary your anchor text effectively, while also building anchored links for long tails that are difficult to get links for.

Article Marketing Tips

Use articles to build links for individual pages that target long tail keywords. Use it to build for your domain as well, but article marketing can help you achieve multiple page one rankings by building links for low competition long tails.

Anchor your links – It is important to include your keywords in your anchor text.

Vary your anchor text. You need to mix up your anchor text so it looks natural. Do a few submissions that include your exact anchor text, but then do several submissions that include variations and related long tails of your primary keyword.

Target your articles – Links pass more authority if they come from related pages. The more related the page’s content, the higher the quality of that link. I suggest including your keywords in both the title and in the first 100 words. Then use related keyword throughout and close the article with the keyword.


Articles are a great way to get links, but it is important to remember that they are low quality links. They work well for niche sites and long tails or as part of your overall link strategy. They should not be your only way of link building. Because these are low quality, they may take a long time before they are “counted”. Some may never show as counted. Do not stress this though, just get your links and move on. Let Google and Yahoo count them on their own time, because you cannot speed it up.