Yesterday, Apple stated that the A6 system chip inside the iPhone 5 is “2x faster” than the A5 in the iPhone 4S, both in terms of processor cores and in graphics subsystem. Apple might be the first to market with a processor based on the Cortex-A15 platform of the British chip designers ARM Holdings.


Reports Confirms that the A6 is indeed a dual-core Cortex-A15 processor, most likelymade in Samsung’s Austin, Texas foundry in the U.S. with the same 32nm LP HK+MG processor used for the Exynos 4412 in the Samsung Galaxy S III, and for the 5-series Exynos.




Cortex-A15 at 2GHz has twice the performance of Cortex-A9 at 1.5GHz, but as far as we know Apple, the A6 is likely clocked much lower, yet could still be “2x faster” than A5 at its respective clock frequency.