amd fx chip AMD plans to slash prices of FX microprocessors next month

Although Advanced Micro Devices pins most of its hopes on hybrid accelerated processing units (APUs) these days, it continues to supply traditional central processing units for performance enthusiasts. In a bid to make its FX-series line a little bit more competitive, the company plans to cut-down their prices in the coming weeks.

On the first of September, 2014, AMD intends to introduce three new FX 8-series central processing units and slash the price of the FX-9590 and the FX-6300 microprocessors, reports Hexus web-site. The move is designed to make the FX-series more competitive against Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 products based on the Haswell Refresh and the Devil’s Canyon designs.

The price of the AMD FX-9590, which currently retails for £225, will be dropped to £175, a rather significant price-cut. The price of AMD FX-6300 with six cores will be reduced to around £70.