If you’re looking at targeting keywords to get traffic or make that sale, there are some basic rules that you need to follow while writing your posts. Yes, it is undeniable that building backlinks will help you rank that post high up in Google SERP’s, but first you need to cover the following to ensure you target the desired keyword accurately.

7 Simple Steps to Target Your Keywords

1. Use Keyword in Title – This is simple and easy to do on a blogging platform like WordPress. The keywords you’re targeting should be in your title and near the beginning. If you want to rank for it, you need to put it in your title

2. Anchored Inbound Links – As soon as you post it, go and get some links to it. Go submit an article to get some low level links coming in at least. Share it on social sites. Links are still the biggest ranking factor. If you want to target a keyword, you must work on this metric more than your on-page metrics. After the title,  we consider this the second most important

3. First 100 Words – Get that keyword near the beginning of the post/page. Set the stage for the search engine by using the keyword in your first or second sentence. This is also a good writing practice, because it allows your readers to quickly know what you’re going to write about

blog post checklist

4. Keyword Usage in Body – Try to use your targeted keyword at least once in the middle of your page. Search algorithms are more sensitive to pages that do not contain the keyword they’re getting links for. Do not spam the keyword, Just use it a few times to make it look natural

5. Last 100 Words – Sum up what you’ve already said in the beginning of your post and use the targeted keywords

6. Headers – Take advantage of header tags. If the page it about X keyword, than that keyword should be in that page’s headers. At very least, use H1 and include you keyword. If you can, include an H2. And lastly, only have one H1 per page.

7. Keyword in URL – It’s not too important to have the keyword in your domain, but since you have direct control over the page URL, you should try to include a keyword in its URL.

To target your keywords, this is the basic onsite checklist you must follow while writing your posts.