Blog Commenting is one of the great methods to build up backlinksto your website. While it is most beneficial to receive backlinks from blogs that are related to your topic, it might not always be the case. Although it should be remembered that irrespective from where a backlink is received, it still remains a backlink and that helps add up to your total authority.

In addition to link building, blog commenting can be used for Traffic generation and helping you build your online identity.

There are always some set of steps to follow for everything you need to do in this big bad world. It’s the same with blog commenting as well. We’ve just listed down a few steps which will help you stay fit and lean with your comments.

5 Simple Steps to Effective Blog Commenting

1. Comment to Build Conversation – This is rule no.1 you should follow while commenting on blogs in your niche and outside your niche. It’s very disappointing for any blog owner to see comments like “great post”, “great article” and “bookmarked this post for future use” for their articles. A blog owner puts in effort to maintain his blog and write articles on a consistent basis which is mostly done out of passion or a keen interest for things. The least we can do as commentators is to respect that effort and leave valuable comments to help build and enhance the conversation. It’s not always a case where you would be able to add value, just make sure to leave reasonable comments and it will be approved.

Blog commenting2. Don’t Use Keywords instead of your Name – This would really depend on the type of blog you’re commenting on. Most of the blog owners these days have comment policies that you can refer to before leaving a comment. Then there are bloggers who reward their commentators by using plugins like KeywordLuv that allows them to use keywords along with their real name. Here it would be ok to have your keywords in your name. You can also refer previous comments on that post and check if commentators have left keywords as their name, if not – stay away from keywords and use your real or nick name or it would go into SPAM anyways.

3. Link out to your posts with care – It’s always good to link out to your posts if you think it’ll be helpful to the readers of the post and will really add to the conversation. However, do not go crazy and add link to your posts in every comment that you make, which will be treated as SPAM by most of the blog owners.

4. Create Your Own List Of Related Blogs – When you find that your comment has been approved on a certain blog, it’s always better the revisit those blogs as there’s a certain amount of trust built between you and the blog owner. This makes it easier to comment on their future post and helps carve your own online identity. It can even lead to a long-term friendship which you ever did not think of. In fact, isn’t blogging is all about building & maintaining relationships?

5. Get a Gravatar – If you do not have a Gravatar you should get one. A Gravatar helps build a brand around your name which helps gets comments approved at a faster rate. Blog owners tend to approve comments with gravatar as it gives a feeling that the person commenting is serious about his own image and not out there to SPAM blogs.

These are just a few of the steps which we’ve been able to mention to ensure that your blog comments are approved and effective. We’re sure that there are many others that you follow. Please feel free to share your own steps and experiences on commenting on different blogs – we’re all ears open!