Blogs have several benefits that allow blogs to rank higher than many static sites. This isn’t to say that static sites don’t perform well, but the nature of blogs make it easier from an SEO point of view. If you’re trying to increase the traffic to a static site, it would be easier to drive traffic to the static site through the blog.

1) Easy to update – Google places weight on your site’s freshness factor. Google likes to rank highly relevant and fresh content. Since relevance can change over time, it is important for them to provide listings of sites with the latest information on a topic. Having a site that updates regularly gives your site a freshness bonus over static sites. Sites that update frequently are often crawled by Google bots more frequently.

2) Better for linking –  Blogs have several linking opportunities that static sites do not. The regularly updated content allows for continuous opportunities for linkbait type content (content that gets linked to naturally). Anyone who knows SEO, knows links are a must to rank higher with your blog. Blogs also create communities and allow you to join in other communities. This results in fans and followers giving you links. Blogs also allow for link building opportunities. Not only can you get links the static sites get, but can access links from blog only sources. In addition, blogs are highly successful in social media, which can result in more links.

3) Comments –  Comments are great. They provide your site with free content and can be very keyword rich at time. Allow your visitors to increase your site’s content. Not only does this provide more content for Google to crawl, but also updates your site. As mentioned before, freshness is an SEO factor, so regularly commented on posts can receive a ranking boost.

4) Automate SEO –  Blogging software like WordPress provides several add-ons and plugins that automate most SEO concerns. It can handle Title tags, H1, URL, duplicate content, site structure, sitemaps.

5) Pinging and Feeds – Blogs also ping sites when they update and update an RSS feed each time you post. This allows sites to quickly find your content in seconds or minutes. This can result in posts being indexed in Google within minutes of posting. This is a huge SEO benefit for anyone writing about current events or tends.

Anyone trying to increase the amount of targeted traffic to their static site, it’s easier to do it through a simple WordPress blog that can be hosted on your sub domain. Using a blog will improve your overall SEO and link building will become easier for your overall domain. Google loves blogs and gives them extra ranking benefits.

Do let us know your thoughts on using a blog over a static site for overall SEO, Link Building and Google Benefits