Keyword Research is the fundamental step of Search Engine Optimization which should be performed by every webmaster before publishing content on the web. The right use of keywords helps draw targeted traffic to your blog & using Keywords accurately in your posts plays a huge role in helping your pages rank high in search results.

Of late, I’ve been involved in a lot of keyword research in different niches as im in the process of my first niche blog.  which i plan to monetize through google adsense.

5 Mistakes to Avoid During Keyword Research


1. Exact Search Count – Always opt for exact search count during your keyword research. By default Google Keyword tool shows broad search count which is totally incorrect. Always make sure to opt for exact search count.

Keyword Research1

In the above screenshot, you can check out the difference between Broad, Exact & Phrase search numbers. Stay away from broad & Phrase counts as they provide an incorrect picture of the searches.

2. Competition – Contrary to what everybody thinks the competition column is not your SEO competition.  This column shows the number of advertisers worldwide bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google. The shaded bar represents a general low-to-high quantitative guide to help you determine how competitive ad placement is for a particular keyword.

Keyword Research 1

This basically means that if the competition column is very high, the keyword is very profitable. If you’re planning your website / blog through Google adsense, the next step would be to check the CPC. I would think anything more than $1 would be good to target.

Check out this Article from Google for more details

3. Long Tail Keywords – Don’t target a single keyword and build a whole site optimized for that. As, you will not receive the kind of traffic that the keyword tool suggest even if your rank #1 for that keyword as Google keeps dancing your sites around in SERP’s all throughout the day. Target atleast 8-10 long tail keywords with low competition related to the main keyword for traffic.

Keyword Research: Long Tail Keywords to Dominate A Niche

4. Exact Domain Match – Choosing whether to go with a Keyword domain name or branded domain name would ideally depend on what aspiration you have for your website.

A keyword domain name with reasonably good content will have anchor text from links pointing to your site. So in many cases, it is not the domain name that is influencing a sites ranking, it is the anchor text that helps the domain achieve good ranking for the targeted keyword.

A Branded domain name is something that is more apt to remember. If you are building a high quality site that you have large aspirations for, then an exact match domain is less important and you can opt for a name that you would like to see as a brand in the future. Remember that keywords in domain names for large websites have low value as specific keyword value in domain decreases as your website increases in content.

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5. Traffic Trends – You need to ensure that the keyword your targeting gets consistent traffic through the year. There are keywords like fathers day, mothers day , Halloween etc that tend to get traffic only during those days or a few days before that. So that is to be kept in mind as well.

Keyword Research Trend

As you can see in the Local search trends, the keyword “Haloween” gets it searches only during certain times of the month.

These are just few of the pointers which we could think of. It would be great , if you could add your own pointers on keyword research.