They say that “content is king”, but to backup your content to rank highly in SERP’s you need need to remember that getting quality keyword anchored backlinks is of prime importance. After you take care of onpage SEO for your individual posts, backlinks with the right anchor text is the factor that will get your site ranked higher for your desired keywords.

When obtaining backlinks to your site, it is important to include you keyword as the text for the link! Google uses the anchor text to make choices about the content of your page and how to rank you for certain keywords.

5 Great Ways to Anchor Your Backlinks

Anchor TextWhile Building backlinks:

  • Vary your Anchor text with your theme keyword, related keywords and long tail keywords.
  • Anchor deep pages with keywords
  • Develop a “keyword” nick name & site name
  • Get creative with your anchor text. If you’re companies name is “Blue SEO” and your offer SEO services within your local area, you would anchor text your backlinks with “Bangalore SEO Services”
  • Use your keyword in your site title, like “How to Make Money Online“, that way people will use the keyword as the anchor text when they refer to you.

Looking at someone’s anchor text really shows how much they know about SEO. But anyways, the role anchor text plays in your SERP’s success is huge. Put some thought in creative ways to get the anchors you want. Of course, sometimes you have to go with the site name or your name, but try to get as many keyword related anchor text links as you can.

We would be glad to hear from you on how your anchor your backlinks? What strategy do you follow?