Are you Interested in Blogging? Do you feel like you have something that you would like to tell the world? Did you know that starting a blog is relatively very easy? By just having basic knowledge of computer and the internet, you can start your first blog in just no time and begin blogging. Here in just five easy steps, we help you get started:

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Blog

1. Find a Reason – A reason to blog is a single & the most important factor behind blogging. If you think you are one among those who are looking out to make some quick money just because you’ve heard that others are doing it, then you can forget all about it. Blogging is a process, which – like any other line of work requires patience and hours of undaunted effort and work in order for your blog to build up and eventually build traffic. Therefore it’s of importance to ensure that you select your niche area after a lot of thought, as writing on something which does not interest you will eventually lead to your blog’s closure.

2. Selecting a Domain Name – A domain name represents you and your blog. It is the address of your blog and its importance cannot be overlooked as it serves as your own unique identifier on the World Wide Web.

A keyword domain name with reasonably good content will have anchor text from links pointing to your site. So in many cases, it is not the domain name that is influencing a sites ranking, it is the anchor text that helps the domain achieve good ranking for the targeted keyword.

A Branded domain name is something that is more apt to remember. If you are building a high quality site that you have large aspirations for, then an exact match domain is less important and you can opt for a name that you would like to see as a brand in the future. Remember that keywords in domain names for large websites have low value as specific keyword value in domain decreases as your website increases in content.

3. Selecting Web Hosting – A Web host provides services to host your blog. It helps you host your files on the server that are needed to run your blog. We recommend that you go with Hostgator, which is the best web hosting company available out there.

4. Select Your Blogging Platform – There are numerators blogging platforms like Blogger, Joomla, Posterous etc that are free and will help you start your blog.  We recommend that you go with WordPress which is the best and the most easiest way to begin your blog. What really makes WordPress stand out is the sheer number of free and premium themes & plugins in addition to the level of community support

5. Install WordPress on Web Hosting – This is fairly easy even if you’re new to internet and technology. You do need to be technically inclined to get this done. We’ve prepared a tutorial to help you get this done easily.