In one of our earlier posts we mentioned how you can make money online using Google AdSense. Today, we decided to take the plunge and try out Google AdSense on our blog. The first step towards placing AdSense ad units on your blog is to create them. Since, this took a while to understand  – we decided to create a post to help all first timers go through the process of creating their AdSense Ad units more easily.

5 Easy Steps to Create AdSense Ad Units for Your Blog

Step 1 -> Login to Google Adsense with your Gmail Account. If you do not have an account you can sign up for one

Step 2 -> Click on  AdSense Setup Tab & click on AdSense for Content as shown below

Step 3 -> In this step, you will need to select if you would like to go for Ad Unit or Link Unit. if you’re going for Ad Unit , you have the following options:

  • Text & Image Ads (default)
  • Text Ads only
  • Image Ads only

For the purposes of this Tutorial, we will go ahead with selecting Ad Units – Text & Image Ads (Default)

Step 4 -> In this step, you need to select various ad formats & color of Border, Title, Background, Text & URL. This would depend on what requirement you have for your blog.  We would suggest that you select colors that actually blend with your theme

Once you select options of your choice, you can also do a preview of the same.

Step 5 -> In this step, you can choose up to five custom channels to track the performance of this ad unit. Although, we would suggest that you do not worry about this and leave it blank if you’re just starting off.

Step 6-> The last step, you need to name your ad if you wish to and click on submit to get your code

The code you get will need to be pasted on your blog to make Google AdSense functional

Do let us know if you enjoyed this tutorial and if it helped you create your first AdSense Unit. Feel free to contact us to if face any problem while creating AdSense Ad Unit.