In my earlier post, we spoke of the importance of deep linking .Deep link is a link that points to a specific page instead of that website’s main or home page. The process of creating such deep links is called deep linking.Here’s how you can deep link your blog posts through 4 great ways:

1. Blog Commenting

a. CommentLuv

Deep LinkingThe commentluv plugin is a widely used plugin by many bloggers. It provides a very easy way of linking to your selected blog post. The way it works is by visiting the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog posts, tweets or Digg submissions which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit. If the blog is a do follow blog, then you will be able to get maximum benefit by directing the juice to your desired URL.

b. KeywordLuv

In continuation to wordpress plugins, many bloggers also use the KeywordLuv plugin. It’s purpose is to let you choose your keywords as your anchor text freely with your desired URL. This is the best way to deep link through blog commenting as you get to input your choice of keywords as well as your desired URL.

c. Use your target post URL to comment

Using your target keywords and individual post URL (rather than blog homepage URL) to comment on blogs is another way to deep link. Though many bloggers consider this as SPAM, it would be best to check with the blog owner before doing so. These days many bloggers have a comment policy as well, you could also refer that.

An awesome way to deep link your blog posts through blog commenting would be finding blogs that use CommentLuv & KeywordLuv in combination.

2. Article Directories

Submission of articles with the targeted URL & Anchor text to moderated article directories is a great way to deep link to your blog posts.

However, I would suggest that you read Google Algorithm: Panda Update before doing so.

3. Forums

There are many forums where you can register and update your profile with your targeted URL’s and Anchor text. You could use such opportunities to do quality deep link building.

4. Interlinking your blog posts

Interlinking your blog posts with the right keywords is probably the most important factor from an SEO point of view for deep linking. If you link from your home page (generally has a PR) to your posts and pages, you might end up passing some of the link juice benefits to those posts & pages that will eventually rank higher for those targeted keywords.

Interlinking your blog posts can be done using Insights Plugin & SEO Smart Links Plugin.

Please feel free to share your strategies to Deep Link your blog posts to help them rank higher is SERP’s?