In our earlier post we referred to the TinyMce Advanced plugin that helps you perform a whole lot of functions easily. Once of the great uses of this plugin is that it helps you create tables in WordPress posts very easily.

As a blogger or a webmaster, there might be times where you need to create tables to present data to your readers in a easy to read format. Today, we will share with with you a step by step procedure on how to create tables in WordPress blog post in an easy way using TinyMce Advanced plugin. If you’ve not got this plugin, we suggest that you do so as – it performs a lot of functions and can help you eliminate many basic plugins from your blog.

Procedure to Insert Tables in WordPress

Step 1-> You will see a Drag and Drop interface in WordPress editor.

Click the one shown in RED which Inserts a New Table in your WordPress blog post.

tmce advanced tables1

Step 2 -> Once you click the Insert New Table, the following screen shows up

Insert New Table

Here you will need to select the no. of rows & columns you wish to have for your table. You also have the option of selecting the width, height and aligning the table accordingly.

Step 3-> As you click on insert, the table will be inserted as shown below:

Inserted Tables in WordPress

Now, you can go and insert text that you wish to, and have the option to format the table with colors, heading etc using the Tinymce Advanced inserted tables editor in WordPress

Do let us know if you found this tutorial helpful to insert tables easily in WordPress