Webmasters focus on optimizing their blog from an SEO point of view to rank their blogs higher in the eyes of Search Engines. Interlinking your posts within your blog gives a lot of advantages which are mentioned below

Usefulness for Readers

The motive behind interlinking your blog posts is to provide usefulness to readers. If a reader visits your blog and finds more than the required information than they originally required, you end up adding value to your reader and build a relationship with them

Search Engine Optimization

Interlinking is probably the most important factor from an SEO point of view. Links from other blogs are a good way to start the process of ranking high for your posts, but interlinking also does add a lot of value

Reducing Bounce rate & Increase your Earnings

Since your interlink your posts and provide references to your old posts, readers tend to view more pages on your blog. This helps increase your earnings as well, if you’re running a program like Adsense – as chances of those ads being clicked are higher

In our next post, we will learn how to interlink our blog posts easily